Code Kevudah Hackathon 2024

Code. Connect. Compete.

Announcing the second Code Kevudah Hackathon taking place in Flatbush at Touro University, 1602 Ave J in Brooklyn, NY on Sunday May 19!

This unique event is dedicated to frum girls and women at any stage of their technology journey - from high school students enrolled in computer classes, to college attendees majoring in computer science, professionals developing their careers, and individuals in other fields eager to engage with technology.

The Code Kevudah Hackathon offers a unique opportunity to hone both technical and interpersonal skills through the collaborative process of building a real-world project in just one day. Whether you're looking to challenge yourself, expand your skill set, or simply meet and connect with like-minded individuals, this event is the perfect arena to do so in a supportive positive environment.

For employers, the hackathon presents an excellent opportunity to discover potential hires and meet up-and-coming talent in the tech field. Don't miss out on this exceptional event where technology, and community come together. Secure your spot at the forefront of innovation and collaboration within the frum tech community. See you there!

Meet Our Panelists

Join our panel and roundtable discussions featuring Orthodox Jewish women in various niches of technology. Ask questions and learn from those who have found success in the tech industry.

Chaya Schulman

UX Design
Lead UX Designer

Rochel Polter

Product Design
Lead Product Designer

Chana Chambre

Software Development
Software Engineer
American Express

Elham Bahrami

Data Analytics
Data Developer/Programmer

Frequently Asked Questions

We look forward to greeting you at the event! With any remaining questions, please email
How are teams formed?

Teams will be made by the participants before or at the event. A well-rounded team combines research prowess, coding expertise, design aesthetics, data analysis, and stellar presentation skills to churn out projects that are not just innovative but also impactful and well-executed.

I'm hiring. Can I join for the networking?

For employers, the hackathon presents an excellent opportunity to discover potential hires and meet up-and-coming talent in the tech field. Network with hackathon participants face-to-face and conduct speed interviews. Reach out to us to secure your spot at the forefront of the frum tech community.

What’s the difference between a hackathon and a pitch night?

The goal of a hackathons is to build a working piece software or to provide a technical solution to a real-world problem. In contrast, success at an elevator pitch competition is measured by the ability to present a sound business idea.

The four criteria upon which hackathon projects will be evaluated are:
1. Meets the Challenge
2. Technical Complexity
3. Innovation
4. Compelling Presentation

What should I bring with me?

It is recommended that you bring your laptop, charger, and any other accessories that will help you work productively. Let us know of any ways we can support you.

Secure Your Spot

We encourage you to sign up early and be part of this empowering experience.