Data Science and Analytics Program

We offer a data science program that prepares students for a career in business intelligence, data engineering, database development, and other data science fields. 

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With so much data being produced by technology today, there is a treasure trove of insights waiting to be discovered. These skills are highly in-demand as organizations race to make educated data-driven decisions so that they can be as successful as possible. The power of data is tremendous, and we are here to tap into it. 

From data analytics to machine learning with technologies like SQL and Python, this course will introduce you to data science concepts like data visualization, statistics, and reporting tools. Technical and challenging, Python data science libraries like Ggplot2 and pandas can help you elevate your data game. 

It’s not just what you know, it’s what you can do. Demonstrate your newly acquired skills with a capstone project, and learn from career workshops how to present your abilities on a resume and at an interview. This program is developed in partnership with the Met Council to support NYC women looking to enter a career in technology. Tuition is fully subsidized. 

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Feedback from Previous Students

Code Kevudah Data Science Course in Spring 2022

"I am the owner and designer of Pepita Needlepoint. I sell on a few platforms including Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, and my own two websites. I signed up for the Data Analysis course to have a better grip on my business analytics. I was intrigued by the results.

Using Python, I studied my sales data from 2017 through 2021. I was able to separate my customers that buy Judaic designs. I can now send an email newsletter campaign (like Mailchimp) to a target audience.

The most beneficial part of this learning experience was using data from my own business that I built. The feeling of being able to contribute to growing my business in ways I never knew existed was enlightening and captivating. I am a designer by nature, but this data science course offered me a peek into new frontiers." — Renee Frank

We are so proud to highlight one of our amazing students Renee! Renee was able to use the technology skills she learned from our data science course to help run her needlepoint business. 

Check out her business at:

"I'm really grateful to DataCamp for their partnership with Code Kevudah. I took Code Kevudah's Intro to Data Analytics and Engineering in the Spring of 2022. Since I had full access to DataCamp (for a year), I completed the Data Analyst with SQL Server and Power BI career tracks. I've been able to get an amazing job at a successful company as a Data Analyst shortly thereafter. I am currently continuing with DataCamp's Data Scientist with Python career track." 

Code Kevudah would like to highlight our ongoing partnership with DataCamp, and this feedback from one of our students who is using DataCamp says it all! Through the DataCamp Donates program, we have been able to give our students, for free, an educational tool which will help them learn the most in-demand data science coding and analysis technologies and give them the chance to get certified as Data Analysts and Data Scientists! Thank you DataCamp, we can't wait to see what our students are able to achieve!